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Innovative, precise, and high-quality – these are the standards expected from aerial cinematography today. And that’s exactly what we aim to deliver.

You’re shooting a feature film, a commercial, or a promotional video – our drone flying services will elevate your production to new heights. We combine years of passion for flying with cutting edge drone technology to capture stunning aerial footage that adds a new dimension to your project.

Whether you require cinematic aerial footage captured by a gimbaled drone or you are looking for thrilling dynamic perspectives covered with our variety of FPV drone platforms, we have the expertise to deliver the shots you need!

We carry worldwide liability insurance with a coverage of 5 million Euros, as well as comprehensive insurance for equipment used on set. If this coverage is not sufficient for your project, we can easily increase it. Our pilots hold all the necessary government certifications and licenses for drone operations and maintain constant communication with relevant authorities. If your shooting location requires special permits or additional permissions, we are happy to review and obtain them on your behalf.


FPV drones, or first-person view drones,  allow for unrestricted movement of the camera in open space. Their agility and fast acceleration are allowing unusual camera perspectives with almost endless creative possibilities.

Carrying action cameras or even fullsized industry-standard cinema cameras such as the RED KOMODO or BMPCK / Z CAM , our custom build FPV drone platforms are capable of reaching speeds of up to 180 km/h.

Full manual control, no angle limitations  and  the absence of assistance systems commonly found in traditional camera drones allow the pilot to execute previously unimaginable camera maneuvers.

Freefall dives, wild chase sequences, action shots next to talents with guarded propellers –  even indoor flights through doors and small gaps are possible.

FPV drones come to play if you want to capture unique perspectives in a dynamic way not achievable with a regular, gimbaled drone.

Depending on your needs we got you covered with the suiting drone setup to make your vision come to life or even find a custom solution.


Level up your film and photography projects with our professional cinematic drone services.From breathtaking landscape footage to fast moving subjects – we deliver aerial footage for film productions, commercials, corporate videos and industrial documentaries on your behalf.