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No project is too big or small for us. everymedia puts the customer’s wishes first and works with you to develop a sustainable, functioning strategy that moves you. As a full-service agency, we accompany you from the idea to implementation and also advise you on which channels you can generate the most reach. So let’s get creative together and create something extraordinary.


No matter where, we are there. Our team specializes in shining even in the most difficult conditions. Growing up in the mountains, love of the sea and no weather is too bad. everymedia is your number one contact, both indoors and outdoors, when it comes to creativity at the highest level.


The opportunity to always see and experience something new is one of the reasons why everymedia came into being. In no other profession do you get more insights into foreign industries. Curiosity drives us and your satisfaction after the completed project is our greatest reward.

We will make your story come alive.


Passion. This is probably the term that best describes the meaning of film for us. Over 10 years of experience help us to capture every emotion in the best possible way.


Our team of experienced pilots and cinematographers use the latest drone technology to capture stunning, high-quality aerial footage and photos. Our aerial services provide a new level of detail and unique perspectives. We offer both cinematic drone flying for stunning aerial shots and fast-paced FPV drone flying for thrilling and dynamic experiences.


Discover the art of capturing memories with our professional photography services. Our experienced photographers use the latest equipment and techniques to deliver high-quality images that tell a story and preserve your special moments for a lifetime.

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